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Wellington Fire Eating Workshops
  • Wellington Fire Eating Workshops

    Learn all the secrets and science of fire eating with Billy Tempest.

    Billy Tempest has travelled the world teaching fire eating and its many secrets. Her lesson plans and course structure are now used by the world's greatest fire eating instructors.

    Her student-turned-teachers are breaking the limits of fire eating practices and performances out there, advancing the international industry to new heights.

    Come and join the fire benders of the world and amaze yourself with this ancient skill.

    • Product Description

      In Billy Tempest's Wellington fire eating workshops, on the 17th of November, you will learn:



      • Fire Safety.
      • Palm Extinguishes.
      • Trail Transfers/Fleshing AKA setting yourself on fire.
      • Tongue Transfer.
      • Basic Fire Eat.
      • Shoot the Moon Shoot the River.


      Beginner's workshop starts at 11am and finishes at 1pm.
      Early bird tickets: $60.
      On the door tickets: $70.
      Both beginners and advanced tickets: $150.



      • Advanced Fire Safety.
      • Advanced jellyfish.
      • The 5 Vapour Methods.
      • Pressurised Candles.
      • Fire Balls.
      • Advanced Trail Transfers/Fleshing (aka setting yourself on fire).
      • Combination Tricks.


      Advanced workshop starts at 2pm and finishes at 5pm.
      Early bird tickets: $100.
      On the door tickets: $110.
      Both beginners and advanced tickets: $150.



      • Super advanced fire safety.
      • Advanced jellyfish.
      • Combination tricks.
      • Fundamentals on how to safely breakdown Combinations.
      • Understanding methods, tricks and torch stages.
      • Advanced Trail Transfers/Fleshing (aka