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When nothing but the most unique entertainment will do.

Cinders Ashes' fire eaters love to melt minds with their enticing expertise. 

Our hungry fire eating performers know how to captivate any crowd, with an appetite for the astonishing, feast your eyes on simply breathtaking entertainment.

Trained by our very own, international fire eating instructor: Billy Tempest, all of our pyro professionals have exceptional skill sets and standards of practice.


Cinders Ashes' fire eaters can be anything you desire. We have many different performance acts from our 1920's run-away circus fire eaters, to our post apocalyptic, sexy fire eating, fuel addicts.

If you an imagine it, we can create it.  

Fire eating is one of the most dangerous fire arts there is. All of our performers are not just highly skilled, but also the safest.  We take fire safety extremely seriously, so you can sit back, relax, and be taken away by our fantastic, fantasy fire eaters. 

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