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Billy Tempest

Billy Tempest is the creator of Cinders Ashes Entertainment.

She is a world renowned fire eating teacher, fire safety specialist, performance coordinator, entertainment expert, and community philanthropist. 

Billy travels annually to bring Cinders Ashes to Australia's largest festivals, such as Splendour in the Grass, Defcon 1, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency and many more.

She has taught her fire eating workshops around the world and has advanced fundamental practices in the art of fire eating, expanding and revolutionizing the art form to what it is now, around the globe. She runs community projects and online resources, such as 'Fire Women', and 'Fire Eaters & Manipulators'.

In her spare time her favorite thing to do is create new kinds of never before seen giant fire props, along with choreographing her own original fire acts. 

Billy is an incredible performer, bringing creative and new elements to each of her performances.

She is a dynamic and versatile actress and performer, eager to embody any character you can think of. 

If you imagine it, she will create it. 

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