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Lycopodium Wands
  • Lycopodium Wands

    Lycopodium Wands – Dragon’s Breath Special Effect.

    These Lycopodium wands are designed to hold a lot of Lycopodium powder and release it in giant plumes. These are the largest lycopodium fire effects on the market today and should be treated with extreme care.

    Lycopodium powder is a special fire effect. Once it has passed through a flame it ignites, creating big flames. Lycopodium powder is also called Dragon’s Breath for good reason, as these big flames look like they have come from the belly of a dragon.

    Lycopodium powder is used by fire performers, and flow artists by filling a hollow fire prop with the powder, and forcing the powder through a flame, causing it to ignite. The powder is forced through the flame by the centripetal force of spinning the fire prop. These wands are rechargeable, and can be used over, and over again!

    Lycopodium powder is highly flammable once it is airborne, and caution should be used when handling, storing and using this fire effect.

    • Specifications

      Size – 1metre in length
      Wick – 4′ Kevlar
      Handle – Standard flat grip
      Pair – Two wands are included

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