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Hollow Fire Eating Torches
  • Hollow Fire Eating Torches

    The one and only Hollow Fire Eating Wand. Advanced fire eating has never been so easy.

    • Pull vapor from the bottom of the torch instead of the wick.
    • Reduces the chance of burning your lips on the hot wick when vapor drawing.
    • 2 inch wicks fit snugly in your mouth and encourage correct eating techniques, believe it or not, bigger is better (and safer).
    • Big flames can be seen on stage from the back row.
    • Unique design prevents excessive fuel dripping down the hollow core.
    • 50cm long, allows for Moon-Shots to catch the hollow tip and increases combo tricks (Hitch Hikers Guide – “The answer is 42”).
    • Hollow Fire Eating Torches Specifications


      Specifications are for a pair wands.


      Length: 50 cm
      Diameter of shaft: 8 mm
      Wick length: 5 cm
      Wick diameter: Approx. 3 cm
      Weight: Approx. 60 g
      Shipping Weight: 110 g


      Length: 19.6 Inches
      Diameter of shaft: .5 Inches
      Wick length: 2 Inches
      Wick diameter: Approx. 1.2 Inches
      Weight: Approx. 2.1 oz
      Shipping Weight: 3.9 oz

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