• Grinding Workshop with Billy Tempest

    In Billy Tempests Grinding Workshops, you will learn the safest, and most spectacular methods used to spark up.

    Safety (including how to conduct a risk assessment)
    Understanding you equipment and costumes
    Grinding science
    Disks Disks Disks
    How to grind
    Grip changes
    Direction changes
    Stance Changes
    Performing with a grinder and how to best show it off
    Mini routine

    You must come wearing thick denim jeans or shorts, natural fibre shirt that covers your stomach, and closed toe shoes. (this is not a modesty thing, its simply a safety thing)

    The workshop is $150. It starts at 6pm and finishes at 8pm, followed by a grinding jam.

    There will be a grinder and belt, and grinders for you to use on the day. We recommend you purchase a grinding belt from Billy, as it will be the very same, professional standard, you will learn with. It also has the option for the plate to be replaced in the future, so you will not need to replace the whole belt.

    Please speak to Billy if you want to purchase a grinder before the workshop, or you want to purchase one on the day. She will help you select one that is appropriate, or will have them available for purchase on request.

    Grinding belts will be available on the day for you to purchase at $150 each.
    Cordless Grinders are $59 each.
    Battery and charger are $89 each
    If you are having any trouble please contact billy via –

    Phone – 0431 030 705
    Email – billysgotemail@gmail.com
    Facebook page – Here

    With the nature of a fire eating, and grinding tour across Australia and internationally, a lot of the time Billy may be out of reception and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

    Tickest spaces are limited. For this reason tickets are non refundable, but they ARE transferable. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

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