• Fire Eating Silly Straw Torches

    These limited edition fire eating torches are a colaboration between our famouse fire eater Billy Tempest and Brendan Rodwell who runs and owns Photon Performance Props. 

    These torches are a lot of fun and add something special to any performance. First inspired by late night conversations over wine and Alice in Wonderland, these torches have been birthed by two creative people looking to make the world more maical. 

    The torches come in two diffrent variations -

    The Loop De Loop unique loop means you can pull vapour while your torch is still in luiqiud stage without a high risk of unwanted fuel exiting the end of the wand. This unique feature opens up many posibilities for hollow wand pulls/draws (the 5th vapour method). 

    The Crazy Straw fire eating torch is a super fun fire eating wand. Its unique bends make it a really fun torch to eat fire with. The bends make it harder for the vaour of your fuel to recondense back into luiquid at the end of your torch, meanin that you get a slightly longer burn time when you are doin heavy vapour pulls. 

    Both torches are available for $70AUD a pair. You can choose what combination of torches you want to purchase, just make sure that you write down which variation you want when you purchase them threw pay pall, in the notes to seller. If you dont specify you will be given one of each. 


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