• Christchurch Fire Eating Workshops

    Learn all the secrets and science of fire eating with Billy Tempest.

    Billy Tempest has traveled the world teaching fire eating and its many secrets. Her lessons plans and corse structures are now used by the worlds greatest fire eating teachers. Her students turned teachers are breaking the limits of what is being done with fire eating today. Come and join the fire benders of the world and amaze yourself with this ancient skill.

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      In Billy Tempests Brisbane fire eating workshops on the 30th of November you will learn .

      Fire Safety
      Palm Extinguishes
      Trail Transfers/Fleshing AKA setting yourself on fire
      Tongue Transfer
      Basic Fire Eat
      Shoot the Moon Shoot the River

      Beginners workshop starts at 12pm and finish at 2pm
      Early bird tickets are $60
      On the door tickets are $70
      Both beginners and advanced tickets are $150

      Advanced Fire Safety
      Advanced jellyfish
      The 5 Vapour Methods
      Pressurised Candles
      Fire Balls
      Advanced Trail Transfers/Fleshing (aka setting yourself on fire)
      Combination Tricks

      Advanced workshop starts at 3pm and finishes at 5:30pm
      Early bird tickets are $100
      On the door tickets are $110
      Both beginners and advanced tickets are $150

      Super advanced fire safety
      Advanced jellyfish
      Fundamentals on how to safely breakdown Combinations. Understanding methods, tricks and torch stages.
      Combination tricks
      Advanced Trail Transfers/Fleshing (aka setting yourself on fire)

      Super advanced workshops are from 6pm to 7:30pm 
      Early Bird tickets $100
      On the door tickets $110
      All three fire eating workshops Beginners, Advanced and Super Advanced $250

      The fire eating workshops will be hosted at - 70 Memorial Ave, Ilam, Christchurch 8053

      You will need to arrive in natural fibre clothing such as cotton, bamboo, denim, etc.  Make sure if you are taking the full day of classes that you bring a packed lunch. Uber eats does deliver to this address. You will also need to bring your own drink bottle.

      If you are having any trouble please contact billy via –

      Phone – 0431 030 705
      Email – billysgotemail@gmail.com
      Facebook page – Here

      With the nature of a fire eating tour across Australia and Internationaly note that a lot of the time Billy may be out of reception and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

      Tickest spaces are limited. For this reason tickets are non refundable but they ARE transferable. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

      Check out Billy Tempest and her students displaying some of the methods, tricks, and combinations you will learn in Billy Tempests fire eating workshops. Here

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