• Skype Fire Eating Workshop

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    Billy tempest is a world renowned fire eating teacher, her fire eating lessons, and teaching methods, are now used, by most fire eating teachers from around the world. She is the world best female fire eater, and one of the worlds most famous fire eating teachers.

    Doing an online fire eating lessons holds some unique safety challenges, and should never be done by inexperienced fire eating teachers. Billy Tempest is the only known fire eating teacher that is insured for online fire eating lessons world wide. Do not attempt to learn from the cheapest, go for the best. Fire eating is a dangerous art to learn, make sure you are in safe hands.




      Skype Fire Eating Lesson Details

      Online fire eating lessons go for 2 hr

      You will need –
      Hollow Fire Eating Torches (purchase here)
      Shellite/Colmans, or Crown Camp fuel
      Fire Blanket
      Bottle of Water
      Safety Person
      Good internet connection

      Once you have purchased the fire eating Skype lesson contact Billy Tempest at billysgotemail@gmail.com to organise a time with her.


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