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5L Isopar G
  • 5L Isopar G

    SKU: 40

    Isopar G is by far the best fire twirling fuel we have on the market to date. This fuel is exclusivly used by all of Cinders Ashes fire performers for their fire twirling props. It used by all of Australia's professional fire performers for its bright flame, and low oder. 

    With low oder and low smoke this fuel wont ruin costumes, props, and storage containers with noxious smells. Unlike fules such as Kerosene and Citronella. 

    Every fire performer should have acsess to the safest fuel we have on the market, at a reasonable price. We are offering that here at Cinders Ashes home in Sailsburry Queensland.



    Fule is PICK UP ONLY in Sailsburry, (Brisbane), QLD!

    You will need your OWN FUEL SAFE CONTAINER

    To make the price as low as we can, and to be as kind to the environment, we are only offering pick up with your own reusable fuel safe container. 

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